NFC & Wireless Applications

NFC- Near field communication- is contactless technology that allows two-sides communication between NFC devices, within short distance.

Be it contactless payments, sharing Wi-Fi, electronic business card, access chips, parking devices, automobile key, goods tracking, gaming figures, personalization of gaming characters and even wearable medical devices for tracking blood pressure, cholesterol levels and many more, Smart Approach is able to integrate NFC with Wireless Technology to give you the edge by providing NFC Antenna Matching with NFC Module Customization. In fact, Smart Approach is one of the few companies that does HIGH INTERGRATION OF NFC Module & Antenna .

SA has well-experienced NFC design capability, Successful designs-in, phases-in and shipping which we does Customization of product suited to your requirements.

Benefits goes to you on time cost savings to source for different companies whereas SA integrated both the NFC Module & Antenna for you, all under one roof.

What’s more, SA also provides Provision of certifications (Pre-test) and that means once again, great cost and time savings during your design stage.

Our High quality assurance are well proven by our vast base of clienteles

Let Smart Approach be your partner in adapting NFC+Wireless technology in your product, making it useful for our every day life.